Board of Education

Member Title
Contact Information
Anderson, Josh   [email protected]
Brainard, Mary   [email protected]
Lambert, Don   [email protected]
Masching, Bill   [email protected]
Sartoris, Nick Vice President [email protected]
Schrock, Dale President [email protected]
Carter, Kelly Board Secretary [email protected]
Hunter, Matt Treasurer

PTHS Board of Education Vacancy: 1 year appointment through April of 2023
Interested, qualified candidates should send a letter of interest and/or resume to Board President Dale Schrock at [email protected]. Further questions can be directed to Superintendent Jon Kilgore at [email protected].  A School Board member must be, on the date of election or appointment, a United States citizen, at least 18 years of age, a resident of Illinois and the District for at least one year immediately preceding the election, and a registered voter.  Reasons making an individual ineligible for Board membership include holding an incompatible office and certain types of State or federal employment. A child sex offender, as defined in State law, is ineligible for School Board membership.  It is anticipated to appoint a new members at the June 20, 2022 Board of Education meeting.

Role of the Board of Education: 
The seven members of the Board of Education are locally elected citizens who serve without pay for a four-year term of office (unless appointed to a two year term). They are responsible for the educational program, as well as the facilities and grounds of Pontiac Township High School. The Board is required to conduct the school in accordance with Constitution of the State of Illinois, the Illinois School Code, rules and regulations set down by the Illinois State Board of Education, and the rules and regulations which have been developed and adopted by this Board of Education. The Board of Education is a policy-making body delegating the administration of the school district to the Superintendent.