General Announcements

News and announcements are delivered to our school community through various media.  Our district website will deliver recent news and general announcements.  Also, check out our social media sites under the Directory tab of our website for more specific news and announcements for athletics, activities, music, and more.  

Students are delivered Daily Announcements through their student e-mail accounts and through TV's through out the school.  These announcements are also available at the top of this page.  

Parents are delivered Daily Announcements through the e-mail account they have provided the school at registration.  Should a parent need to change this e-mail address or add an additional e-mail address under their family account, they can log into their Skyward Family Access account and make those changes.  Please contact the main office for more information regarding Skyward Family Access accounts or refer to our Skyward Family Access page under the For Parents tab on our website.  

Pontiac District 90 will also use text messaging as a means of pushing out information, including emergency information.  Please check out our Emergency Information page under the For Parents tab on our website for information on how to subscribe to our text messaging service.