Course Planning

Our school provides students with course offerings that expand beyond core subjects to include career and technical training, fine arts, physical education, etc.  Each year students will meet with their guidance counselor to plan current and future classes as well as to discuss and explorer future career fields.  Click here to access our Curriculum Guide in your course planning.  Also, use the General 4-Year Plan to help guide you in your planning process.  

The following links should be used as a guide to help parents and students plan courses.
Senior Course Request Worksheet (.pdf)
Junior Course Request Worksheet (.pdf)
Sophomore Course Request Worksheet (.pdf)
Freshmen Course Request Worksheet (.pdf)

Community Service Log (.pdf)

College Admission Requirements and NCAA Approved Courses (.pdf)

Freshmen students will meet with their guidance counselor prior to choosing courses for their first year in the high school.  Please access the The Freshmen Experience - A Cheatsheet for Freshmen Year at PTHS -or- A Guide to Your Best Year Ever!