Welcome to the Pontiac District 90 alumni network.  Whether you graduated last year or many years ago, Pontiac Alumni are "Indians for Life."  To honor our past graduates, Pontiac District 90 has established a Distinguished Alumni Award.  This yearly award honors and celebrates alumni with various contributions in their communities and profession.  

Mission Statement:
The Pontiac Township High School Distinguished Alumni Award was founded to promote pride in PTHS and celebrate Alumni who have made significant contributions in their communities and in their profession. These awards will recognize the individuals whose endeavors have brought honor to Pontiac Township High School and can inspire future graduates to perform and serve in the same spirit.

Eligibility Requirements:
(1) A person who has graduated no less than 10 years from their year of induction, (2) A person whose actions demonstrate outstanding character, (3) A person whose outstanding citizenship has achieved international, national, or local recognition, (4) A person whose leadership can inspire current students in the pursuit of excellence, (5) A person whose accomplishments are outstanding or whose leadership is considered exceptional, (6) Posthumous nominations will be accepted. 

Nomination Form:
To print and mail a nomination form, please click here.
To complete the nomination form online, please click here.  

Distinguished Alumni Award Winners:
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Roger Amm, Class of 1975
Bradford Blakeman, Class of 1971
Ira T. Carrithers, Class of 1903
William "Bill" Diaz, Class of 1968
General Kenneth Dohleman, Class of 1944
Henry Eppel, Class of 1955
John M. Evvard, Class of 1903
Ronald Fellheimer, Class of 1956
Nathan Joerndt, Class of 2004
Moira Harris, Class of 1972
Terry Herr, Class of 1989
Rob Kinas, Class of 1979
(the late) Casey Kohlmeier, Class of 2002
Leah Latham, Class of 2006
Trevor Loy, Class of 1989
John Sandford, Class of 1971
James Scheeler, Class of 1945
Dale Schrock, Class of 1980
Mark Schwahn, Class of 1984
Kathy Shanebrook, Class of 1973
Maneesh Shrivastav, Class of 1992
Wes Smith, Class of 1971
Michael Wille, Class of 1993