Technology Services

Mrs. Amy Krause, Technology Coordinator
Mr. Daniel Fulton, Technology Assistant

Pontiac District 90 provides students with technology solutions for an innovative education.  The students are provided a with a One-to-One computing device that enables students to learn anytime, anywhere and the school maintains a robust, reliable and secure infrastructure.  Both teachers and students enjoy with wealth of technology tools to aid students in effecting learning in this environment.  

Once enrolled in Pontiac District 90, students are issued a laptop as a resource to our modern day classroom.  It is our expectation that the student will have this device with them for use in all their classes and for continued use at home.  Laptops support student driven learning, allowing them to research, collaborate, create, share, and produce.

A Student Help Desk is staffed in Room 109A from 7:45am - 4:00pm every school day.  

How and when will the devices be distributed? 
The school plans to provide students with their laptop during the first few days of school.  Parents need to sign a Laptop User Agreement that is part of the registration process prior to the student receiving their device. 

Will the school provide a case and/or accessories for the device? 
The school will provide each student with an always-on case, power cord, and earbuds.  Students will transport their laptop in their assigned case at ALL times to minimize damage that might occur.  

Will students have e-mail accounts? 
Yes, the students are issued Google Accounts for student e-mail with a domain.  The students can e-mail students and staff within the Pontiac District 90 school, as well as outside the district.

Is the school using a content filter for Internet browsing? 
Yes, the school is filtering the content of the Internet for all students.  The student devices are filtered at both school and home.

How and where should devices be stored/cared of at home? 
Families should find a safe place at home, where the laptop can be charged at night.  Families should also set times and boundaries for when the computer should be off and put away for the night.  Parents should be diligent in supervising their child when using the device at home.  

What is my family's responsibility for loss or breakage in school, out of school or both? 
Students are responsible for the device that is issued to them and will be expected to pay for damage that was done intentionally.  The school provides insurance on the device for accidental damage and the technology team will repair the device at no cost to the family as long as the damage was accidental.  The responsibility of the family and the costs associated with the laptop are fully explained in the Laptop User Agreement that is signed by a parent prior to the student receiving a device. 

What are the school's disciplinary consequences for inappropriate use? 
Administrators at Pontiac District 90 reserve the right to hand down disciplinary consequences ranging from loss of use, or even suspension for inappropriate use.  The school does not tolerate using the device to bully or harass any other person using the device.  In the case that a student's device is taken away due to discipline consequences, teachers will be notified to make arrangements for work to be done without a device.